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Grand Canyon Inner Gorge

Grand Canyon
Top 10 Guide:

Interesting things to see and do at Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Viewpoints

Grand Canyon
Viewpoints Guide:

Interesting things to see and do at Grand Canyon.


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California Desert Nature
Festival Screenings
Palm Desert, California:
April 11 & 13, 2008

RioFest International Environmental Film Festival
January 25-26, 2008


Desert Wildflowers Guide

California Poppies


Native American Culture

The American west is rich with cultures. Learn more about Native American Indians at and research all you need to know.

From sweeping vistas, super close ups and threatened habitats to adventure, art, politics and native peoples, discover Random Walk Productions DVDs about:

Grand Canyon National Park

Death Valley National Park

Desert Wildflowers of the Southwest

Great Photographers of the West

Yosemite National Park - the Ahwahnee Hotel

and much more. Random Walk's best-selling, award-winning DVD productions explore and celebrate the Western American landscape.


Season of the Sand Blossoms: A Desert Wildflowers Journey. From the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts on up to Mono Lake, the brief lives and exquisite beauty of desert wildflowers are celebrated on this DVD. An identification guide to the desert flowers shown in the film is included. Audiences have praised Season of the Sand Blossoms as "sublime."

The second feature on the same DVD is Desert Gold, a platinum award-winning documentary film offering insights and varied perspectives into desert wildflowers and their habitat. Season of the Sand Blossoms and Desert Gold have been audience favorites at film festivals around the world.

Random Walk Productions' award-winning films inform, educate and engage with comprehensive experiences of people, places and ideas. Whether the viewer's interest is travel, history and heritage or education, they offer unique interpretive experiences that have received numerous awards and universally positive reviews.

Black bear eating pine cone in Yosemite video (click to watch).